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Welcome to Echotex®... The 100% Recycled Banner Textile.

Echotex processEchotex is a banner media comprised of recycled materials. There are many choices of banner media from many manufacturers, but there is only one Echotex. Ordering multiple conventional banners for campaigns or events requires the use of oil to produce the material, which means your campaign has a considerable environmental footprint.

With Echotex, your conscience is free by knowing that no new resources contributed to making your banner material. Echotex is the Planet’s favourite... a sign of social responsibility for your brand. Take a look at how Echotex was made.

Echotex is designed for outdoor street banners, which gives you the option to support your green initiatives and comply with your sustainable procurement policies. For more information please contact us.

Maximize your green initiatives by participating the Banner to Bag program by Common Thread.

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